Abha Iyengar translates two Hindi poems by Pratap Somvanshi into English

Two poems in translation

 सबकी किस्मत में इतवार नहीं होता

झूठ कहूं तो दिल तैयार नहीं होता

सच से लेकिन बेड़ा पार नहीं होता

आप नफे में खुश हैं हम घाटे में खुश

रिश्तों का हमसे व्यापार नहीं होता

राम की शबरी जंगल में तो रहती है

बेरों पर उसका अधिकार नहीं होता

हम केवल अपनी कमजोरी जीते हैं

रिश्ता तो कोई बीमार नहीं होता

सुनना,सहना,चुप रहना फिर हंसना भी

खुद पे इतना अत्याचार नहीं होता

खुद से डरना कश्ती पे भी शक करना

अब ऐसे तो दरिया पार नहीं होता

ये सच है वो हर हफ्ते ही आता है

सबकी किस्मत में इतवार नहीं होता

सीधे, सच्चे, अच्छे भी हैं लोग बहुत

कैसे कह दूं दो-दो चार नहीं होता

Not in Everyone’s Fate is Written a Sunday

My heart is not willing for me to tell a lie
By telling the truth I find I cannot survive
You are happy with profit, I am happy with my loss
A trading in relationships I won’t do at any cost
Shabri lived in the forest; none will deny this fact
She cannot claim the ‘ber’ as hers because of that
Everyone lives his weaknesses in this life
It is not relationships that fall sick in life
Listen, suffer, keep silent and then also laugh
One cannot inflict such torture on oneself at all
To be afraid of self and suspect this boat itself
This is not the way an ocean can be crossed
It’s true that in the week it is just one day
Not in everyone’s fate is written a Sunday
Simple, straightforward men are many and more 
How do I write then two and two do not make four.
राम तुम्हारे युग का रावण अच्छा था

राम तुम्हारे युग का रावण अच्छा था

दस के दस चेहरे सब बाहर रखता था

दुख देकर ही चैन कहां था जालिम को

टूट, तड़प भी चेहरे पर वो पढ़ता था

शाम ढले ये टीस तो भीतर उठती है

मेरा खुद से हर एक वादा झूठा था

ये भी था कि दिल को कितना समझा लो

बात गलत होती थी तो वो लड़ता था

मेरे दौर को कुछ यूं लिक्खा जाएगा

राजा का किरदार बहुत ही बौना था

Ram, the Ravan of Your Time was Good
Ram, the Ravan of your time was good,
Kept his ten faces out, not hidden under a hood.
He had no peace of mind if he just meted pain
Had to read despair on your face to notch a gain
When evening falls this anguish does rise within 
Each promise I made to myself a lie has been
Though I did explain things to my heart, it’s there
It fought with me when found these things unfair
After some wanderings, realization hits each one’s memory
The truth of ancestors speaks every generation’s story
Writing of my time, they will put it this way
A dwarf was chosen for the king’s role to play

Abha Iyengar is an award-winning, internationally published poet, author, editor, and British-Council-certified Creative Writing mentor. She is the founder of Creative Wings Studio. She has eight published books to her credit, and her collection of poems is titled, “Yearnings”.  Her poems have been included in innumerable journals and anthologies, most recently Sahitya Akademi’s, “The Lie of the Land” (2020), Red Rivers' "The Shape Of A Poem" (2021) and "Witness: Red River's Poetry of Dissent" (2021). She was longlisted for the WE- Kamala Das Poetry Award '20.