Ankita Anand

My Turn

PC – Pexels

I am going to shotput 
One breast into the sky 
And let the city 
Burn to embers.*

I am going to say, 
“Here, take that.
If I am all parts,
Never a sum total for you
Then, here, take it.

Take one part
And let me see 
If you come back 
Asking for more.”

*In the Tamil text Cilappatikāram, Kannagi tears off her breast and hurls it upon the city of Madurai that had wronged her, setting the place on fire. 
Awarded for her poetry, essays and reportage, Ankita Anand has been published in varied languages and geographies. She is also an editor with Unbias the News, and a researcher with The Gender Beat, mapping the global landscape of feminist journalism.
She enjoys working with different formats and people - performing her poetry, co-producing a podcast, facilitating writing, poetry, journalism and theatre workshops, and collaborating across borders with reporters.
In her past life, she used to be an activist, a copy editor, a lit-fest coordinator, a street theatre group’s co-founder, and a Blu-ray DVD data feeder.