Debarati Sen

Three Poems

The Last Goodbye


It kept pouring the entire night,
While you struggled through your tumultuous fight,
Your moans still ring in my ears,
The memory of the harrowing night
Veiled with torment and fear,
Dilates with every passing year!

When  morning arrived,
You could no longer fight!
Your breathed your last on my lap,
And went for the perpetual nap.

I kept nudging you to open your eyes ,
But all my cries fell flat as you bid the final goodbye!

That was a murky noon,
Dad's face was agony strewn...

It has been more than two decades since then,
You pay a visit every night at my memory lane.
Till we meet again,
This life will be a journal of eternal pain!


In the resplendence of the submerging rays, I sat down,
singing songs of an insipid heart.
Memories lay scattered like a molten candle,
Oozing tear drops from broken memoirs.

I had  loved you with all my completeness,
until a day arrived when I laid barren my heart to you.
You flipped through the pages and smirked in oblivion.
My lips quivered like a withered petal,
Threadbare and tired.

Contemplating how destiny conspired.
My dear, I will always be this gentle to you.
My dear, I will always look for you midst the pyre of our long lost love.

Coming Home

It was a foggy morning,
I left home with four bags
And a heavy heart.
stepped into a new world,
Explored unknown dimensions.
It felt like a redemption,
From sleepless nights and a heart heavy with fright.

I tasted a slice of life away from my comfort zone.
First day at work had ecstasy overblown.
But on cold nights I was all alone.

A ruffled soul and a miffed heart.

Melancholy spread its claws into infinite yards.
I worked day in and day out,
While I wanted to shout,
In despair and agony.

The office walls had snatched my heart's euphony.
Years later fate smiled.
Mom stood at the door with her arms beguiled.
Life is a ledger of uncertainties compiled
Accepting it with all its intricacies is worthwhile.

Debarati Sen is a budding poet and Junior Assistant at Presidency University, Kolkata