Destination Moon – Joyce Brinkman talks to YQR

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Joyce Brinkman is Lead Editor of The Polaris Trilogy and the Inaugural Poet Laureate of Indiana

Warm welcome Joyce. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us at Yugen Quest Review.
What is your most special moment as Lead Editor - The Polaris Trilogy ? 

Joyce - There were a lot of great moments. I enjoyed corresponding with the anthology poets about their poems. I appreciated how helpful some of them were in spreading the word about the project to others who might also submit. However. if I had to pick one moment that was the highlight of the whole experience it would have to be when the package came containing the first book published. In that moment seeing how beautiful the book looked with the different poetry forms and shapes scattered throughout in that grand display of Earth's languages conveyed an extreme level of awe over poetry's power to infuse the world with luminosity. A poem is a package to be unwrapped and the diversity displayed in the packaging of these poems heightens the eagerness to open them.

What has been the biggest challenge and the easiest part of bringing together poets from all over the world in this anthology? 

Joyce - The biggest challenge was reaching the poets with the call to submit. There is no global system that everyone can find. Finding poets in all the countries we did was a real challenge. That does not mean that there aren't fine poets in places we didn't reach. They just didn't see the call. The easiest part was reading the poems that were submitted. Each poem was a little package for me to open. For me it was like having poets from all over the world sending me a present.

What is it about the moon that so enchants us, and are you in love too...?

Joyce - Of course, there have been other heavenly objects that humans have studied and worshiped over the ages but I'm not sure any one of them has been worshiped anymore than the Moon. It is, of course, our closest heavenly neighbor and the theory is that it was once part of the Earth. It pulls the tides of our oceans so there is a strong connection. I'm particularly fond of Asian poetry that uses Moon imagery. It's interesting how many of the Moon legends are similar in different parts of the world. So, yes, I am a lover of the Moon. I'm not sure there would have been another object, in the heavens or on Earth, that could have pulled me into undertaking this enormous project. I guess we would have to say that the Moon has a pull on me.

Warm regards to you Smeetha...

Many thanks, Joyce, for doing this. 
Looking forward to our lunar expedition,

Good wishes, 
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