Lily Swarn – WE Diva Of The World ’20. WE ICWP Prize ’20.

What Men Say !

Have no attachments you told us 
Another advised us to stop being dependent 
There was a voice that taunted us for being parasites

The whole shifting of definitions of being women 
A piece of Dresden china 
Embalmed and perfumed like iced confectionary 
Sitting in a glass prison today 
Toiling in offices along with envious leering men 
Only to come home to undone dishes and hungry brats 

Censored for our attire 
Dictated about our lifestyle 
Eyes decorously downcast in the day 
Ready for slaughter as the sun set 

We like being ourselves 
We like having attachments 
We want to be looked after 

Does it mean we are frail 
Or that we need patronage 
Do we need advice for everything
From what to eat and what to wear ?
Perhaps you should try and watch us be 
 You know , just be ?

Lily Swarn, multilingual poet, author, columnist is a gold medalist ,university colour holder, radio show host and Peace Ambassador. A Trellis of Ecstasy , Lilies of the Valley, The Gypsy Trail and History on my Plate are her highly acclaimed books in different genres . She has won over fifty international and national awards and her poetry has been translated into over sixteen languages. Her Urdu ghazals are set to music .