Lily Swarn’s poems from #CeWoPoWriMoWE 2-22, Yugen Quest Review Summer Edition, June 2022

Four poems

A Curtain Raiser

Megalomaniacs rule the world 

Nations fall prey to titanic egoes 

Wither  democracy ?

Art thou asleep , or merely hiding ?

Biding time in your hibernating 

This is just the curtain raiser 

To a more horrifying era 

When black tempests will obliterate life 

Blood baths will be the norm 

Earth shaking tremors will make humans cave in 

The only God worshipped will be Greed 

Humans will be heartless but buildings magnificent 

Toys will be guns and mothers sold off 

The mighty will be in a drunken stupor 

And this ? 

This is only the Curtain raiser 

The Funeral of My Soul 

Whenever I kept quiet 

While the little boy watched heaps of dirty dishes 

Instead of going to school 

While  the racist kids pulled at my child’s top knot and bullied him 

While someone dictated my choice of attire 

That was the beginning of the crumbling of my soul 

Whenever I silently walked past 

An eve teaser making lewd comments at a teenage girl 

An ageing mother disrespected and ill treated 

A group of eleven year old  substance abusers puffing away 

That was my soul getting diseased and weak 

Whenever I preened and gloated 

At material acquisitions 

Joining the bandwagon of a vacuous , superficial lifestyle 

Letting the haves crush and look 

down scornfully at the have nots 

I watched the slow decaying of my withered soul 

Until one day I stood in the gallery and clapped 

At the well attended funeral of my long dead soul 

All Hail Nyx

Darkness has a way of preceding the light however fast its speed may be 

It lies in ambush wearing its top hat and somber cloak 

Mystery and mystique are its middle names 

Eliot reminded us that we would never have valued light 

If there was no such thing as darkness 

Shadows creep in astride witchs’ broomsticks 

Alcoves light up with lamps in mud houses 

Penury stricken bodies toast limbs on crackling bonfires 

As pitch black night enshrouds a sleeping world 

Debauchery,thievery,murderous scheming 

Are befriended by the ebony night 

All Hail Nyx, female personification of Night 

Feared by Zeus himself ! 

Let Ratri rest in Vedic splendour 

For darkness has its own sinister agenda 

Until I discover my lamp within 


I’m not the city of Delhi 

That I’ll be regenerated repeatedly 

Seven times if one hears correctly 

Nor am I a plant or tissue 

Waiting to heal and grow back 

My sap needs no tapping 

Like the rubber tree in the jungle 

I have my own resources 

That live in my Phoenix heart 

I simmer in my ashes 

I get bar B cued in my juices 

I let the oil bathe me in it’s heat  

For I’m the perennial believer 

An optimist with a dream 

Waking up with a vision 

Each new morn with the sun 

My wings sprout every day 

My flight knows no bounds 

Pain is my nutrient 

Grief aids my growth 

Lily Swarn, our WE Diva of the World and WE Green Heart Awardee 2022, is a multilingual poet, author, columnist, gold medalist, university colour holder, radio show host and Peace Ambassador, writing in different genres. A Trellis of Ecstasy, has received praise as a veritable delight by The Journal of Commonwealth literature in London. The Gypsy Trail, Lilies of the Valley, have been highly appreciated . History on My Plate got rave reviews. She has won over fifty international and national awards like Reuel International Prize for Poetry, Global Icon of Peace, Sahitya Rattan, Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award, Master of Creative Impulse, Sarojini Naidu Award,Woman of Substance, Kairat Duissenov medal for poetic excellence, Order of Shakespeare Medal among others. Lily’s poetry has been translated into sixteen European and Asian languages and her Urdu ghazals have been set to music. She was recently declared finalist for Global Culture Champion Award by UK’s She Inspires Awards.