Lina Krishnan presents Wonder Womaniya

Wonder Womaniya

I was once a worker bee 
A cog, a hack
Days into nights, no sunset track
Work ruled a unidimensional life

But now one "has it all” 
What it means is do it all
Hold a job, a jamboree, a babe
A garden rake. All at once, and hold it well
Like my mother could

And then there's me, the ne'er-do-well
So I can make art. Or a book, Or cook
A day at a time. No can do it all
As the song goes, it ain't me babe

Superwoman is elsewhere
Hey, a raft of them! I admire them
But Wonder Woman I'm not
No kryptonite in my make up

Some kaajal is all I need

Lina Krishnan’s poems, non fiction prose, abstract art and photographs have featured in literary journals, arts magazines and in nine anthologies of poetry.