Neha Mishra Jha


And I wonder - who is a friend,
and what friendship is!
And who must be called a friend?

Because in the end,
you still hide,
you have so much inside

left unseen, unattended.

They say - all must be heard &  all must be said.
But this truism
of sharing with a friend,

has come out of fiction.

This ever-growing burden,
is too personal to give away.
They save theirs, we save ours,

and we maintain fictional friendships- this way!

Neha Mishra Jha is a poet by passion and writes in English and Hindi. Her debut collection of poetry ‘REVERIE – Into the Light , edited by Women Empowered India has been published at Notion Press in 2019. Neha is a university medal holder in post graduate studies in Journalism & Mass Communications, and has more than ten years of experience in writing and editing.  She has worked with leading media houses, Packaging B2B events; and is the founder of Event Eyes Communications, a platform for creative arts in Mumbai.