Rituparna Khan

Escarpment of Life

I am flat.
I am featureless.
I am hackneyed.
I am transit of emotions. 

I am pristine. 
I am a silent witness
upheavals of restless hills 
and fickle minded plains.

I am deep. 
I am profound. 
I am consistent in changing time. 
I am beyond exuberant expectation.

Love me or despise me. 
You can never ignore me. 
I am the truth of escarpment of life. 
The eternal plateau. 

Glowing Lamp

Stretch your hands to the sky.
It is too dark to dazzle your wings. 
Not good enough.

Can't touch her anyway with wings.
Try to stretch within, to her abyss. 
She is in your heart.

The glowing spark levitating your soul 
The lamp illuminating crannies of sorrow. 
Oceania of joy. 

April Story

Fuming bright and fuming hot.
Parch my heart and parch my soul. 
Drench my thirst in dried up emotions. 
Sunny dew saunter through my veins.
Warmth of air leaves me in wilderness. 
Arid fronds wither away with dusty flow. 
Broken earth soaks the last droplets to abyss. 
Solitary birds winged in shackles of soliloquy.
Deserted firmament basking in heated glory. 
End in a welcome norwester in April story. 

Woody Days

Lofty trees flying high.
Canopies springing up in the sky. 
Flurry and flurry of tender breeze.
Fawning time is in a freeze.

Merry making birds chirping in mirth. 
Dancing squirrels in joy sans girth. 
Brook is rippling through the alley. 
Rushing to flourish the valley. 

Life is picture perfect in a frame. 
All are happy...prey and game. 
Bliss all around in nights and days
A wonderland of woody days. 

Frazil of Tears

Sorrows were shapeless loitering in air. 
Metamorphosed to broken crystals. 

Icebergs of fuming emotions were broken.
Temperate turmoil was floating in dismay. 

Lucid mirth lost itself in labyrinth of time. 
Laughter was drowned to  frazils of tears. 

Churned out was the dark blue venom.
Molten out of dark blue ocean. 

River of the Rivers

River of the rivers 

If it is faith...
It is you. 
If it is hope... 
It is you. 
If it is sanity... 
It is you. 
If it is culture... 
It is you. 
If it is life... 
It is you. 
If it is God... 
It is you. 
Oh Ganga! 
River of the rivers. 
The heaven on earth. 

Rituparna Khan, an Assistant Professor teaching Geography, in Bidhannagar College, Salt Lake, Kolkata. However, her inclination to Literature, especially poetry is no less. A few of her works are published and well appreciated and awarded in print as well as social media, national and international forums. Her debut book, ‘Tales told and Untold”.is a collection of short stories. Her second book, ‘Melting Thoughts”is a debut collection of poetry,