Rituparna Khan

Five Poems

Last Night’s Dream

Flying high in the clouds with 
no grey shades of divisions,
I was a bird last night.

On the array of the rainbow,  
devoid of any thoughts sinister 
to breed, I was floating.

Sans anger,  sans intolerance,  
sans hatred,  sans dispute 
I was whistling the song of equality.

Attuned to my whistle so sweet,
all humans turn to fairies singing 
a saga of harmony, I found. 

Alas! trans broke to reality 
to let me cry in the 
wilderness of my bed.
If I had dreamt the same 
at dawn in place of night! 


Was echoing in her heart for long
is the mellow musical song that she sung. 

It sounded like hearth and home...
But she didn't know where it came from. 

She unfurled her wings of desire in that song.
She learnt to croon it in her world all along. 

The world along with her sang her song 
It was an eternal melody... never ending. 

Palette of Hope

Born with abundance in her heart
nothing was ever enough for her.

When the road seemed to end 
she had an ocean of love to share. 

When the cloudy gloom loomed over
she found a sky of smiles to spread. 

When colors in the world withered
she found palette of hope to paint. 


Spirits of trees in the good old woods 
were suffering from high fever.

Dew drops nursed them in confinement 
all through the night.
Patted their fuming leaves in isolation 
with tender drops of cold compress.
Moonlight sonata rendered a soft lullaby 
for the ailing trees.

Soul of Beethoven found 
its coveted liberation. 


Everyone else had shut their doors.
Everyone else had bid adieu to day.
Everyone else had entered the trance.
Everyone else waited for next morn. 

From that haloed moment on
woke up the poet from within her within. 
Life changing stories were scribbled
adding flamboyance to ebony night. 

Darkness veiled all nuances of life.
All ups and downs were one to her. 
Her words painted masterpieces
on the canvas of bold gaudy night. 

Rituparna Khan is an Assistant Professor in Bidhannagar College, Salt Lake, Kolkata. She is a Geographer by profession dealing with anything and everything from natural to human phenomena based on a spatial dimension. However, her inclination to Literature, especially poetry, is no less. A few of her works are published and well appreciated and awarded in print as well as social media (two poems in the anthology, “Nostalgia-A Story of the Past”, five poems in OPA Anthology, one poem in SETU, three poems in the anthology, “Float Poetry: reverse the rivers” and one poem in the anthology, “Eternal Flame”.
She has an received an award from Inter Cultural Poetry and Performance Library for writing in a Rhyme Competition on World Poetry Day and received the Reuel International Award for Best Upcoming Writers in Poetry, 2019 judged by The Significant League in Glopowrimo (Global Poetry Writing Month). Her debut book, ‘Tales told and Untold”, a collection of short stories has been launched in Kolkata international Book Fair in 2020. Her second book, a debut collection of poetry, ‘Melting Thoughts” has been published by Authorspress in 2021.