Sangita Kalarickal presents her poem

Transference on a Summer Night

We lie with our backs to the floorboards and peer into the deep darkness. We cannot see even our own hands held up in front of our faces. We blink and there is no difference
We blink again and see pin tips of light floating out of bushes into the all-engulfing darkness. 
Fireflies I whisper. We peer into a square in the wall, we now recognized as the window.
No, you say. These are the tears of fairies.
and I believe you.

Fairies live around humans; they must have sadness. 
I have heard it is called redirection. 
The light points feel like a redirection of newly formed sobs. 
They rise into the air and float to the other points of lights far away. 
A tear balances on my lashes
You can convince me of anything.
Sangita Kalarickal, a poet and writer, has been wordsmithing and honing her craft in the forms of poetry and fiction for several years. These days, Sangita spends much of her free time sharpening skills in haikai forms. Her fiction, free verse poetry and haikai work has been published in several magazines, and anthologies. A physicist, she utilizes her left brain at her day job in technology. Dr. Kalarickal lives in Minnesota, USA with her husband, kid, and her garden which she shares with wildlife, sometimes happily.