Sangita Kalarickal

Malus domestica transformations

(#CeWoPoWriMoWE prompt Light & Shadow by Maya Sharma Sriram)

PC – Pexels

White shine of the snow
vanishes, and soft pink lights
shine with sharp fragrance.
Blossoms to last a few days, is all.
A few days coax the canopy
to transform again into emerald ripples
in a sea of blue light.
And hot blooms
swell into red delicious
As golden light of the fall equinox
flies past,
the apple tree down the road
groans with delight
of a thousand peals of laughter
as kids reach in and rip out
the red blobs of light
to bite into sweet nectar
And as dark winter approaches
the green gold shadows quiver
and float down to the brown below.
bare branches draw black lines
across the pink snow laden clouds.
It's all a trick, she tells me
A trick of light and shadows.
Sangita Kalarickal, a poet and writer, has been wordsmithing and honing her craft in the forms of poetry and fiction for several years. These days, Sangita spends much of her free time sharpening skills in haikai forms. Her fiction, free verse poetry and haikai work has been published in several magazines, and anthologies. Her chapbook Mamina has just been published. A physicist, she utilizes her left brain at her day job in technology. Dr. Kalarickal lives in Minnesota, USA with her husband, kid, and her garden which she shares with wildlife, sometimes happily.