Shikha Bhandari Srimal

How Are You ?

#CeWoPoWriMoWE '21, Prompt -  How are you? Have you eaten... rested....? Know that you are loved.

The rusted bed creaks.
Granny had rested on it for years.
Mobility impaired,
Family not really fair,
Her ears yearned to hear :
'Ma, your favourite music is on,
Do eat along.

Did you sleep well?
I have loads to tell.'

Alas! empty walls echo her needs,
Love doesn't grow on trees,
Nor a nurse feeds with ease.

The steps you took, she held you young,
The giant leap had just begun,
You care you do not care,
Age will soon overcome...
She will rest in peace
Your agony will be reborn.

Restless Leaves

#CeWoPoWriMoWE'21, Prompt- Restless Leaves of the Forest

As a child when I waited for my report card,
The restless leaves of the forest moved inside me.

When I was growing up,
Each step of success
Kindled fire in the tree.
My mind moved through a maze of dense complexities,
Somewhere far away a monkey hung,
Mocking it all.
The hissing snake crawled into unwanted quarters,
Birds making peace with this dense horror.

As I matured and trampled on dry leaves,
The noise was loud and clear,
I had ignited the forest fire,
The leaves of ambition 
burdened on branches.
They remained restless,
Hoping for my contentment.

If Love Exists

#CeWoPoWriMoWE'21, Prompt -  If love exists

to be or not to be,
to grow yet not foresee.
a dew drop clinging to survive,
an embryo embracing life.
a suicide bomber's trigger,
or a germinating vigor.
the fine line says...
love does exist.

it takes a form,
or sometimes just deforms,
but love does exist.
it layers underneath dust,
or is covered by lust..
it dances each time the photo album opens,
memories flash unspoken.

yes love exists,
if it was not to be...
there would be a finer line -
to be or not to be...


#CeWoPoWriMoWE'21, Prompt - Emotions

If emotions were like dewdrops on leaves
I would gently tap and set them free.
they would jump and rest on another tree..

a feeling of being alive!

rainbows on dew do glow at times
the wind jerks and drops them down.

but the warm sun soon shines again,
it's time to express and rise
breathe and survive
emotions are emotions
like the changing tides...