Smeetha Bhoumik

Off to the Moon!

Flying off to the moon
On the wings of soaring poetry,

Oh, rejoice!

What a time to be.
Tiny perforations, burgeoning aureoles of nuance...

Luminous orbs of hope
Seem to pierce right through the dark spots

A feeling of weightlessness. 
Baggage left behind,

And tears. Such alacrity in the air,
You can almost see edges of new worlds

Glimpsed in sudden bursts of 

Born in the heart
And borrowed by the senses

To see 
How the world is churning

Out dreams into reality,

Murky waters of existence  

Birth lotuses of blushing hues,
The heart refuses to settle down

To placid beats.
It's booming a thunderous, joyous score

Bringing up old songs, romance,
The very core of humanity to the fore!

Moon, how you resurrect, you gift,
You rewrite in silver letters

All that has been forgotten
Over centuries of living rough

On precipices of endless wants...
Thank you, O' gentle, loving, tender moon.
Smeetha Bhoumik is an artist, editor, poet, founder – Women Empowered (WE) Literary Community, 2016, and founding editor Yugen Quest Review, 2021. She is the author of poetry collections – Where I Belong -Moments, Mist & Song (2019), Return to Love – The Point of Poetry (2021), and Chief Editor of Equiverse Space -A Sound Home In Words (2018). Her poems feature in national and international journals and anthologies.
In art, her favourite theme is The Universe Series in oils depicting galaxies, star forming regions, mysterious energies of the universe. Her work has exhibited in India and abroad, notably at the Red Dot Miami, 2015, Oxford International Art Fair 2014, 2015, Parallax, London, 2013, Jehangir Art Gallery 2010, Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata 2011, 2012, Barcelona International Art Fair, 2014, in ten solo and forty five group shows.
Smeetha believes in creativity, equality and endorses a spirit of collaboration.