Sudeshna Mukherjee

I Wonder


I wonder who is their God

For birds that fly
Up above the azure sky
They have no war
or artillery to shower from afar

I wonder who is their God

For creepy crawlies  critters
Often consumed as nutritious fritters
Working at their micro level
Behind the scene workers under gravel

I wonder who is their God

For wild animals that roam
Restricted in their territory lone
They kill to assuage their hunger
Part of the food chain they pose no danger

I wonder who is their God 

For the animals we keep
Taming to fulfil our various needs
Silently giving what we wrest
Exploited to the extreme without any rest

I wonder who is Our God

For we are so self absorbed 
Milking taking to further our cause
Never giving back what we get
Greedy for control of whatever is left

I wonder who IS our God 

Is it the Mammon 
that drives us and makes us go roun
that suppresses our conscience
that makes us kill our brethren

I wonder if there is a God

For we think we ARE
unaware that we are bubble wrapped
in a karmic petri-dish exposing our wares
supposed immortality in mortality trapped. 

An ardent admirer of Nature Sudeshna Mukherjee is a keen observer and a chronicler of the happenings around her mostly giving it a humourous twist in her own inimitable style. She is a painter, a singer and a cook who loves to experiment with ordinary ingredients. “Meanderings of the Mind” and “Mélange” are her published books of poetry. She is the recipient of the “Golden Vase” award for her humorous and satirical writings.