Sudeshna Mukherjee presents two poems

Magic Wronged

They gazed in awe 
Wondered at what they saw 
A muffled murmur rose 
Those in the know froze.

The magic had lost its sheen and gone awry 
Earth was pawned and given as dowry 
Taking umbrage it stopped spinning
All ice caps were literally thinning ?

Men were biting animals
Turned they were into mad cannibals
Trees tore apart axes axing with vexes 
There seemed irreparable differences between sexes.

Mountains upping their ante disappeared from the face of the earth 
Gnats and critters took stock of the situation to establish widespread hearth
The rivers refused to flow with refuse and hid underground
Oracles were pushed aside by rats profound.

Flowers when plucked grew teeth 
When put in garlands with no bandwidth they seethed
People hunched in bunch losing their punch 
The only meal they made was an undernourished brunch.

Fruits turned bitter 
In protest they littered 
Crops refused to produce 
Nothing could be deduced

Humanoids underwent changes in their body 
Teddy lost its head after tasting shoddy toddy 
Goldfish were seen flying high 
Kites holed up underground without saying bye.

Soon green turned to brown 
Sky hung down with a frown 
Sun and moon changed places 
Strangely it made no difference to anyone in high places.

Things turned topsy and turvy 
Parallels arched to become curvy 
Dogs ran the Derby 
Declaring everything as unworthy.

Screens screened then screamed 
Blurred vision in yellow dreamed 
Lice licked off the cream 
Bloodsuckers couldn't be weaned. 

Hoi Polloi

Why does it have to look so delicious ?
On a rainy day why is it so precious ?
Hot, steaming steeped with aromatic flavours
It burns the palate with as we lustily devour.

The kedgeree boils merrily  
In bursts of big and small bubbles cheerily 
The roasted moong lentil 
releases its distict flavour genteel.

The robust rice looks a dish 
Goes well with chops of fish 
Potatoes are teased by the peas 
Cauliflower skims the surface ill at ease.

The lid sings... release release
Under pressure from the heat
Rest of the veggies try to blend
Diving jiving in a losing trend.

By now it's a hotch potch in a slurry pot
A thick mix of yellow runny lot
Yet when ghee is poured on top 
Oh God ! It becomes an ambrosiac lot.

The crisp pappadom pairs with begun bhaja*
Posto boda* is served... ki moja*
Pickle tickle, omelette throws in its lot 
Side kick labda*and chutney becomes sir phira*.

After this bhuri bhojon*
Sleeping it off are the sujon*
Who wants to sing bhajans
An ode to the kedgeree motion

begun bhaja- aubergine fry / fritters 
Posto bada - pattice made of khus khus paste
Ki moja - what fun
Labda - Mixed vegetable dish 
sir phira -madly head strong
bhuri bhojon - Gastronomic over feeding
sujon-good people.
An ardent admirer of nature, Sudeshna Mukherjee is a keen observer and a chronicler of the happenings around her, mostly giving it a humorous twist in her own inimitable style. She is a poet, writer, singer, a painter and a cook who loves to experiment. 
"Meanderings of the Mind" and "Mélange" are her published books of poetry. She is the recipient of the "Golden Vase" award (now christened as Dr. Kashi Nath Bakaya Memorial Award for humourous writings).. She has been specially mentioned in TSL's Nissim International Prize. 
Many of her poems and short stories have been published in National and International magazines, e-zines.