Taseer Gujral – Poet, Writer, Editor, WE Awards Judge


Canto ~1~

Once I loved joining points
Looking at dulcet stars
I would imagine them sprouting limbs
And a circle of stars would be merrily holding hands
Giggling and singing in rapt joy

Canto ~2~

I never quite understood geography
It was a vestigial organ
That interfered with the harmonious functioning
Of earth’s body
Better wrenched out and done away with.
What was the logic of drawing boundaries
Carving out one’s own meat
Or one’s mother’s?
Marking rivers, countries, mountains
Tagging them blue, green, brown
Saying :

this belongs to us
And that to you
But your country is not your own

Canto ~ 3~

Tell me
How far can I string
The pebble of my eye
Out of myself
For I am a schizophrenic cipher
A whole universe breathes in me
Yes, the same that Yashodha saw in
The grit in Krishna’s baby mouth
Though I am severly myopic
And stone deaf
For beyond a certain strain and colour
I cannot see and
Cries of men, children, women, cats, dogs
Bombed in their own homes
I can only hear faint whimpers
As shrapnel flies and pierces skulls
And then
some more lines are drawn

Canto ~ 4~

Walls define me now
Blood recoils in its own toxicity
Veins and arteries of rivers are tied up
Water is a commodity
A stroke strikes the consciousness
A psychotic cry rules the heart
The world is a blur of lines

Canto ~ 5~

I lay on the terrace
The clouds looked sad
Swaying to unknown music
I saw the sea then
Noah rowing back the ark
Darwin stroking his beard
Shrugging his head to the beats of
Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny
Poetry was a pencil
I rejoined the dots 
The stars perked up in a melody
And all was a song


Vapours lift
Blood dances
Rivers flow into veins
Heart revives
One beat
One song
One celestial stroke
One universe

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Taseer Gujral is a poet, editor, columnist and a translator. Her published works appear in The Sunflower Collective, Coldnoon Diaries, Muse India, Open Road Review and many acclaimed anthologies. She has written columns for the DNA and the Indian Express. She is a core member of the WE (Women Empowered-India) group, and is one of the judges for the prestigious WE -Kamala Das Poetry Awards. Her interests range from Poetry, Translation, Cinema, Aesthetics and Music