Vinita Agarwal – Award Winning Poet, Author, Editor, Curator, Founding Member WE

Vinita Agrawal is a poet, editor, curator and convenor of literary events, She is the author of four collections of poetry and the editor of an anthology on climate change Open Your Eyes (Hawakal, 2020) She was short listed for 2018 Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for her poetry collection The Silk of Hunger and awarded the prize jointly. She is on the advisory board of the Tagore Literary Prize, and editor of  Usawa Literary Review. Vinita has recently co-edited the Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English (Hawakal). Her work has been published in Indian Quarterly, Mascara Review, Zingara, Fox Chase Review, Indian Periodical, Asian Cha, Voice & Verse Poetry, TallGrass Writers Guild anthology, Vayavya, Stockholm Literary Review, Constellations, Pea River Journal, Open Road Review, Bengaluru Review among others. Her poem won a special mention at the Hawker Prize and third place at the Proverse Prize. She was shortlisted for the inaugural Dipankar Khiwani Memorial prize 2021. Her poems have won first prize at Hour of Writes. She judged the RLFPA poetry contest (International Prize) in 2016 and co judged the Asian Cha’s poetry contest on The Other Side in 2015. She was featured in a documentary Deepest Uprising, on Asian women poets, produced in Taiwan.