Reflections – ‘Writing As Bridges’ a WE Panel at APWT, Bangalore, Nov 30, ’22


Words and phrases have the strength of steel, the reach of bridges, the porosity of ideas, and half-life of stars, they can help mould new worlds! A new dictionary entirely made of love, tolerance, sharing, compassion, understanding and equality would do the world a whole lot of good, and its time is now! 


WE are here on a map of the moment – the world circles round a pandemic brink, a red climate change, and a ‘women unsafe’ trend, when only careful choices may set a direction out of disruption and despair towards safety. The choices go right down to the choice of right words reflecting great actions and the right spirit. The spirit of peace, the spirit of understanding. A negation of war. A nod to collaboration. Tolerance. Respect. Acceptance. Love. 

Creating enduring abundance and joy. 

There’s a space beyond the frame, the boundary, the geographies and names…I want to stand with you there…in the warm sunshine, reading Adrienne, Elliot, Tagore, Keats, Byron, Premchand, Islam… Kamala Das., Daruwalla, Mahapatra, Kolatkar, Sujatha…and Sally Breen. Sally, who brought to life just such a world so recently at a grand meeting of hearts and minds at APWT, and we are grateful for it!

Our panel ‘Writing As Bridges’ at APWT, featured Sonali Pattnaik, Somrita Urni Ganguly, Jhilam Chattaraj, Smeetha Bhoumik.

Sonali presented deeply moving, poignant poems from her award-winning debut collection ‘when the flowers begin to speak’.

Somrita held us spellbound with the power and vibrancy of her poem in translation, still booming in our hearts…

Jhilam Chattaraj’s poems, revealing new worlds hidden in the most unlikely places, makes for exciting reading.

My presentation ‘Unravelling the Sestina as a Magic Bridge’, discussed the craft and creation of a Sestina.

Such exquisite poetry and inspiring ideas light up our inner landscapes with a promise of new worlds… and there can be no better gift for tomorrow than that!

Here’s to the incredible beauty of equity, 

The magnetic force of feminine awakening,

The allure of erudition and understanding.

And to the important literary spaces that give them voice!

Thank you APWT, Alliance University, Poets, Friends, Well-wishers…